Monday, December 30, 2019

Celebrating Good Times

Good Day World!

As the hours slip away toward an exhausted ending for 2019, I have a couple of poems about celebrating good times to share with you:

The Celestial Diner

Satchmo singing”What a wonderful world” in a corner of the 1950’s themed diner that never closes down
a mythical diner that attracts great musicians and singers from all around
Jelly Roll Morton rubbing elbows with Duke Ellington at the red bar
the two legends watching Buddy Holly perform from afar
Little Richie, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Fats Domino
hanging out but looking for somewhere else to go
Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley
looking over at Billie Holiday and Peggy Lee
Diane Ross and Janis Joplin playing Liar’s Dice
while old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, tries to be nice
so he can stay in this musical paradise
Lighten Your Load
are you carrying a rucksack
of worries?
a load of emotional rocks?
a stack of negative stories?
stuck in a mental box?
then it’s time
to lighten your load
and shine
cast away
your worries
enjoy your day
there’s no guarantee
another will come your way
Time for me to walk on down the road...

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