Sunday, October 13, 2019

Next Up: President Pence?

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As impeachment, and the possibility of being ousted out of the White House looms for Trump, some pols are whispering about Pence being the next commander-in-chief. 

With a majority of Americans for impeachment, Trump's chances of surviving and running for re-election next year are getting smaller each week.

The revelations in the Ukraine scandal has stunned the world. The United States part in international corruption has been exposed in the Ukraine, and our president was behind the whole devious shadow diplomacy.

Let's take a leap and consider Trump's abrupt removal from office has happened.

In the days that follow does Pence get sworn in as our new president? Or, is he going down with the scandal ship, a loyal Trumpie to the end?

Let's say the man who can become a shadow anywhere, is sworn in, and he doesn't go down the drain with his master. President Pence.

What could we expect to see with this change in leadership?

After the constant chaos of the Trump era, a Pence presidency could swing back to some political normalcy. We wouldn't have a foul-mouthed president who picks on people big and small on twitter.

That's not Pence's style. He likes to operate in dark shadows and not stir up any controversy. Anybody that's observed Pence's time in office knows he had no problem with enabling Trump.

While Pence will pursue many of Trump's policies in the hope he keeps part of the orange ape's base, he's going to have to be careful to avoid bullying lawmakers in the House and Senate.

Above all, Pence is a survivor with no shame. Despite the religious facade he puts up, Pence has lied numerous times for Trump. He's a political opportunist with no morals or ethics.

In short, Republican lawmakers will probably embrace him with relief. 

I doubt that will be the case with the majority of Americans who are going to want to see all traces of Trump's corrupt regime erased next November.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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