Saturday, September 7, 2019

NYC Infestation - Trump Tower and Drunken Rats

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Visitors to the Big Apple often come away with stories of rats the size of cats in the subways and the streets.

Sadly, they're true most of the time.

The truth is NYC has been infested with rats since it was built over two centuries ago. Each generation has tried to deal with the furry vermin with different methods to no avail.


Trump recently lambasted Baltimore for being infested with rats. Just months before his rant against the city, he tried to stop funds from going there to fight the rodents.

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In a perfect example of irony, Trump Tower is in NYC - or as some call Manhattan, "Ratland." The Big Apple's connection to rats doesn't just stop with the four-legged ones...

The two-legged variety have been expanding for a couple of decades. Their headquarters are located between 56th and 57th Streets in a 58-floor skyscraper dubbed Trump Tower.

Easily the largest rat in the city, Trump has been squatting in NYC all of his life. The irony goes right over Trump's toupee and past his tiny bird brain.

Still Another Pause...

NYC hasn't given up on trying to control it's rat population. The latest radical solution to ridding the city of it's vermin was revealed this week.

The new plan is to bait rats into a trap that will drown them in a bucket of alcohol. 

I'm not making this up. Story here

Last pause...

My only concern is the two legged variety, like Trump, will simply be too large to fit in the proposed alcohol bucket trap!

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