Tuesday, September 3, 2019

In Case You Missed Them: News Stories Not About Hurricanes or Mass Shootings

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By the time you read this post, I suspect you're tired of hearing about Hurricane Dorian and the latest mass shooting in Odessa, Texas. 

Yes, they are both huge stories. But there's been other news events going on too.

When we last heard that Trump was not going to Poland because meteorologists told him Mar-A-Lago may be hit by Dorian, he sent his sycophant Pence to meet with Polish leaders.

I'm happy to report Pence didn't embarrass our country once, and actually signed a joint argument on 5G Technology.

It was one of the few times the Trump Administration actually signed a deal with a foreign government (without bullying it).
In case you hadn't heard the annual Labor Day parade in South Plainfield, New Jersey, was canceled after homemade explosives were found in a wooded area along the parade route. 

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and his wife Tammy were scheduled to participate in the 62nd annual parade. Another mass killing event avoided? It looks that way.
If you're wondering how the so-called peace talks are going between the Trump Administration and the Taliban It can be summed up very simply:

Alternate Reality; The Trump camp is claiming the U.S. had good negotiations with the terrorist group and they're on the verge of a deal to end the war in Afghanistan.

Reality: Taliban forces launched a major attack on the Afghan city of Kunduz two days ago. 

Summary: Trump camp is getting chumped by the Taliban who have no intention of letting the current democratic government survive.
Three quick news observations...

Playing Through

Yesterday Trump played golf at his course in New Jersey while over a million people on the eastern seaborn hunkered down as Hurricane Dorian hit.

Where's the outrage? If Obama would have done that Republicans would have tried to lynch him!

Chopper Talk

There are no longer press meetings inside the White House. Instead, the orange anus has taken to his favorite spot to control interviews...next to his presidential helicopter.

It's poised to take off any moment and the rushing noise the chopper makes forces reporters to shout their questions. The general chaos it causes pleases Trump.

                               Give Biden a Break
Political pundits have been pummeling Joe Biden about his habit of conflating some events that happened 20 or 30 years ago. Note that he wasn't accused of lying, just getting times, dates, and other details mixed up.

Now look at what Trump does on nearly a daily basis:

While supposedly informing Americans about the oncoming dangers of Hurricane Dorian he couldn't even get the state right. 

Instead of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina, the moron warned residents of Alabama to prepare for a landfall! (Hello! Where did that come from?)

Trump lies on a daily basis. They've become so common that many political pundits don't even comment on them anymore.

Trump minions who are attacking Biden's memory and supposed signs of dementia, completely ignore their master's mental deteriotation which has been on display since 2016.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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