Sunday, April 21, 2019

How Ignorance Saved Trump and Minions...Temporally

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In the Age of Trump, ignorance is a viable self defense endorsed by Donny's minion (and fan boy), Attorney General, William Barr.

Formerly called the Mueller Report, it's now referred to as The Big Book on Trump and his Corrupt Minions. 

It's one of the few places where readers can get a true insight on how dangerous Trump's stupidity is, and how close he came to causing some real damage to this country and our Constitution.

After reading the report some clarity has come from Mueller's team. 

1) Because Mueller believed he couldn't indict a sitting president, he laid out a clear path for Congress to pursue obstruction of justice.

2) The reason Mueller didn't charge Trump and minions with conspiracy to collude with Russia was they were too stupid and disorganized to be held accountable for laws they weren't supposedly aware of! 

3) The report listed numerous questionable contacts between Russians and members of Trump's family and campaign team. That evidence apparently didn't reach the gold standard for conspiracy - depending on who you talk too.

4) Mueller's report spawned 14 criminal investigations that are currently in courts in New York, Washington DC, and in Congress.

Moving on from the actual report, it became crystal clear Trump tried to stack the deck by appointing fan boy. AG Barr, who auditioned for the job by writing an article claiming a sitting president can not be convicted of anything because he is the law!

Despite both of Barr's attempt to soften the landing of the report, it was still damning enough for Trump to drop three points in the polls within a week of it's release.

One more thing to bear in mind; Congress is going to see the whole report - one way or another - and not the redacted version which was vile enough.

Trump's manufactured reprieve is only temporary. Stay tuned.

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