Monday, April 22, 2019

Reality Is Sneaking Up On Republican Lawmakers

Good Day World!

Like a Sumatran tiger lurking in the shadows of Congressional halls, reality is about to bite a lot of GOP asses!

Mueller report equals reality...and there's more to see.

The road to obstruction of justice was hacked out of the jungle of lies told by Trump and his minions, clearing a path for Congress to pursue.

Trump and his enablers are trying to spin the truth, but the 443 page report/road map was explicit. Trump was not exonerated of obstruction of justice.

Once again, Republicans must decide to ignore Trump's corruption and lies and suspend reality one more time because of their fear of him.

How will history judge those who stood by and enabled the most corrupt president in our 250-year Republic to attack every government institution, and the Constitution repeatedly? 

I suspect each key crony will go down in history alongside the annuals of the Nuremberg trials after WW II, where Nazi's pleaded they were 'just following orders."

If there's any decency left in the Republican Party they should consider an alternative to Trump as their standard-bearer in 2020. Right now there's only one Republican challenger running against our liar in chief - Bill Weld.

Perhaps as more revelations emerge from the dozen or so ongoing investigations stemming from the Mueller report, whatever sane Republicans are still left (not sure if there are any) will consider other GOP candidates that may spring up after Trump's toxicity going into the new year.

Between now, and January, 2020, expect more facts pointing to corruption coming from Congressional oversight. 

I don't see anything that will shake Trump's base. He was right when he said he could openly murder someone during the day on 5th avenue, and get away with it.

However, let me also point out that a lot of voters in 2016 who loathed Hillary Clinton much more than Trump and his questionable past, voted for him.

Hillary Clinton won't be running in 2020. You can be sure of that. Unless the Democrats trot out someone who is also universally loathed, they should be able to win on just that merit alone.

Give voters a clear choice between continued corruption or someone who respects our laws, judiciary system, and who serves the nation - and not himself - and it should be a no-brainer.

That is, if Russia doesn't back Trump...again.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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