Saturday, February 16, 2019

King Trump's Intent: Upsurp Congress' Power of the Purse

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Our petulant POTUS broke out of the White House pre-school yesterday and went after Congress and the Constitution.

In a Rose Garden speech he repeated every (fact-checked) lie he's ever told about the southern border to justify getting around the will of Congress and declaring a national emergency.

His public address was more of a campaign rant than an excuse for declaring a national emergency. He buttered up his base by reciting his list of most popular lies.

This latest temper tantrum to get a vanity wall has become a constitutional crisis thanks to the man-child who thinks he knows how to make deals.

His tactic of executive overreach ramped up to dizzying new heights with the declaration of an emergency to make his campaign promise come true.

The scary part of his action is that there will be severe lasting consequences to our Constitution long after Trump's regime is a dank memory. It's like breaking a clay pot and putting it back together again. It'll never have it's original integrity.

Trump's fit of presidential pique constitutes a reordering of the power dynamic between the branches of government. His aim is obvious, he intends to usurp one of Congress' most basic responsibilities, the power of the purse.

In the days, weeks, and months ahead America is going to be further torn apart by bitter court battles which Trump anticipates will end up in the Supreme Court that he's recently stacked with supporters.

But there was one line in Trump's rambling speech that can derail his efforts. He said the move (declaring a national crisis) was unnecessary, but he "...wanted to speed things up."

Doesn't sound like much of an emergency to me. I have a hunch the courts will agree.

At stake, an imperial presidency seizing control of the country...for our own good!

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