Friday, February 15, 2019

How Trump 'Drained the Swamp' Then Restocked it

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Throughout Trump's 2016 campaign there were a few repeating themes, always accompanied by numerous signs at rallies.

One of the rally cries was "Drain The Swamp!" Remember that one? 

Trump's interpretation of draining the swamp consisted of getting rid of as many Democrats in government as he could. He told his gullible supporters that he was going to get rid of career lobbyists and unethical people in the former administration.

Looking back at that piece of hypocritical rhetorical bullshit is revealing. Here's what is really happening:

Days after Trump was elected he signed an executive order to require all political hires to sign a pledge. Upon leaving his administration they had to promise they wouldn't lobby for the agencies they worked in for five years.

Of course, that executive order was nothing more than window-dressing. There's loopholes as big as semi-trucks in that agreement. At least 33 former Trump officials have found their way around that pledge.

The most prominent is former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who resigned in December after a series of ethics investigations.

Guess what he announced yesterday? He's now working for Turnberry Solutions...wait for it...a lobbying firm.

At least 18 of those former officials have recently registered as lobbyists. The rest work at firms in jobs that closely resemble federal lobbying.

Not counting Zinke, here's a list of Trump cabinet members who have had to leave with their tail between their legs because they were caught engaging in unethical activities.

I noticed in Trump's 2020 campaign rally the other day there was one guy in the front row holding up a sign that said "Drain The Swamp!"

In 2016 there were rows of the same sign prominently displayed at every rally. I'm curious at what changed. Is it possible that even his die-hard supporters find the subject touchy? 

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