Sunday, January 6, 2019

Snippets of My New Children's Book: Wag! Wag! Said The Yellow Dog

Good Day World!

Got something special for you today.

It's a quick look at my soon to be released children's book; Wag! Wag! Said the Yellow Dog."

It features our liar in chief Dognald Trump, or as he's more affectionally called, a Yellow Dog, by our military veterans who don't salute Cadet Bone Spurs.

Snippets: Chapter One

"See the southern border
 to Mexico.

See the streams of terrorists, rapists, murderers, and drug smugglers pouring into our country hourly. Oh my!

But don't worry boys and girls! 

The Yellow Dog in the White House
Will save you.

Chapter Two

Watch the Yellow Dog wag his tail and make facts disappear!

Yellow Dog wags his tail a lot when he lies. See the tail wagging now?

Sometimes Yellow Dog waves his tail to divert attention
Isn't that clever of him? 

Sometimes he barks so much, people want to put him in a cage.

Can you say, Oh, poor Yellow Dog!

Chapter Three

You know what Yellow Dog wants to do? He wants to build a big wall between us and Mexico. See the wall? It's a bigly wall. A beautiful wall.

It will stop the daily caravans from overrunning you boys and girls and make America safe. Isn't that nice? Don't you feel good now?

Chapter Four

See Dick? See Jane? They no longer have to worry about Maria and Pedro bursting into their house and causing chaos. Just look at them smile.

All Yellow Dog had to was wag his tail a lot. Do you want to learn how to be a Yellow Dog too? 

The end.

Look for my next book - "The Art of Becoming a Yellow Dog" to be released before the end of this year.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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