Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Day In The Life of a Furloughed Federal Employee Under Trump

Good Day World!

Imagine what it's like for Americans - most of which live paycheck to paycheck - to go without being paid suddenly.

How would that affect you?

Imagine helplessly watching your bills mount up quickly. Without any additional financial resources (which the majority of Americans don't have) you're forced to start giving up your way of life.

As the weeks stretch on, all entertainment related activities come to a halt. Then the bills start going unpaid. You find that you can't afford certain foods because their too expensive.

The longer the shutdown goes on the safety net for Americans collapses - food stamps for the poor stop being issued. You find yourself in a position you never dreamt of - seeking help from charities and churches just to survive.

Imagine telling your children that everything is going to be okay....when you don't really know that. All you know for sure is your fate rests with a madman who is holding America hostage.

Imagine your long-awaited dream house mortgage becoming stuck in a shutdown limbo. Or, losing your home because you missed too many payments and the bank wants it back?

Imagine how depressing it would be to wonder what's going to happen to you and your loved one's without a paying job? How long could you go like that?

Make no mistake, federal workers aren't happy with Trump's decision to stop paying them because he wants to stroke his base. Despite telling the press they all understood it was good for America, the reality is just the opposite. They're pissed!

Ask those furloughed single mothers what they think about not having an income coming in for the foreseeable future. Ask the poverty-line federal workers (janitors, etc.) who only make $25,000 a year, and are barely surviving on that.

You can't eat ideology.

Trump doesn't understand that because he's lived a sheltered life, raised by wealthy parents. An exclusive club that has taken a big interest in politics in recent decades. Especially since Trump slithered into the Oval Office.

The solution to this shutdown seems far away as Trump continues to seek funding for his dream wall even if it's unconstitutional and Americans lives continue to be ruined by his political ploy.

When Trump said he understood the furloughed worker's pain it was another insincere response coming from a con man running out of options.

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