Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A case of Constitutional Immorality: Ruled By Petulance Instead of Principal

Good Day World!

Trump is our national emergency.

That dire warning comes from a Constitutional law expert and Harvard professor, Lawrence Lessig.

Trump, whose regime has been one long assault against the Constitution and American values and morality, is the biggest threat to this county since it was formed.

He rules with petulance and temper tantrums. Unlike any other POTUS before him, he puts his personal survival before the needs of the nation. He rules by petulance, not principals.

Fact: There's never been a sitting president who had more active criminal lawsuits against him during his administration. 

Thus far, the spineless jellyfish posing as Republican senators have enabled Trump's outrageous actions - including the current government shutdown.

While Democrats and some Republicans are working to end the impasse, Trump is busy fixing the upcoming 2020 election.

Yes, he's already turned to rigging the upcoming election. As hundreds of thousands of federal workers wonder where their next paycheck is coming from, the orange anus is busy getting rid of any competition from other Republicans seeking the office.

In other words he's finalizing his complete takeover of the Republican Party and replacing it with a fascist state party that worships his nibs.

Make no mistake, we're in a war to preserve everything America has always stood for. 

The odds of defying Trump have improved with the Democratic takeover of the House this year. But expect a long nasty standoff/shut down with the president using American workers as political pawns.

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