Wednesday, December 5, 2018

There's Nothing Worse Than Bad Losers

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The Party of Trump is still reeling from the beating they took during the midterms. Now, we're seeing their response to the historic losses...and it's not pretty.

Butt hurt Wisconsin Republican losers pushed through measures that would weaken the incoming Democratic administration.

Like other Republicans who chose to become Trump minions,  Walker and his ilk were defeated and are taking it badly. This last parting shot proves it.

Meanwhile in North Carolina...

Being a sore loser is not as bad as what Republicans tried to do in North Carolina however.

Republican party minions did their best to rig the election and the new Democratic governor is now holding them accountable. An investigation is underway.

According to Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin;
"From what we've seen from these sworn affidavits, and we will learn more as the hearing is held, there appears to be election tampering, election rigging, and election stealing."
As long as we're talking about Republican losers let's not forget about our liar in chief. 
Mueller's coming to town this Christmas with a bag of indictments for Trump. 
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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