Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Have A Merry Giftless Christmas

Good Day World!

Here's some fodder for Christmas; would you give up gift giving if all of your friends and family did this year?

According to a Harris Poll last December 69% of Americans said they would.

About 43% said they felt pressured to give gifts and spend more money than they can afford. Sound familiar? 

When our three boys were growing up my wife and I felt we were depriving them if half the living room around the tree wasn't piled high with presents.

We dreaded paying the piper every January. After our boys grew up we reined in our gift-giving habits. We haven't made that final commitment yet...but we're sure thinking about it this year.

To be truly free from the tyranny of gift-giving the best idea is NOT to give ANYONE presents (easier said than done).

As a kid, I considered the success of each Christmas Day was based on the amount of presents I got. Now that I'm an old coot, I look at the holiday more philosophically; Jesus never demanded we buy gifts to celebrate him. At least not in the Bible.

So, is it possible to have a great Christmas without showering each other with gifts fated to fade away in time? 

Sure. Save the money, damn tradition, and use it to travel. 

Meanwhile, you can have a Christmas feast, enjoy Christmas carols and stories, and be in the Christmas spirit without supporting major corporations who prey on consumers during Christmas, like a school of sharks in a moat around your Christmas tree!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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