Saturday, December 8, 2018

Christmas Story: Trump Brings Chaos To The Holiday

Good Day World!

Grab a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) and join me for a 2018 Christmas story. 

You may want to infuse your drink of choice with a strong cannabis extract.

It was seventeen days before Christmas, and all throughout the land, there was a sense of reckoning coming for our illegitimate president.

Robert Mueller's team of elves were busying in court filing charges against two of his associates; Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. The charges revealed new details about the Russian probe.

More Chaos... 

Trump appointed two new puppets for his corrupt cabinet. He hinted at another shakeup coming in days. Out the door in time for the holidays was AG Jeff Sessions. He was replaced by someone who wouldn't recuse himself from the Russian probe, and past Mueller critic, William Barr.

Quickly following that slimy pick, Trump selected a former Fox and Friends regular, Heather Nauert, to replace Nikki Haley (who was smart enough to get out of Dodge before the subpoenas began coming) as the next UN Ambassador. 

Proving Nauert was the absolute worst pick possible, she recently said D-Day was the height of U.S.-German relations! She is also spectacularly unqualified for the job.

Reactions to Trump's crazy tweets (I'm the Tariff Man) continued to send the stock market into chaos as it sunk another 559 points before the bell mercifully rung ending the session yesterday.

Trump claims he has a "counter report" to the Special Counsel's report where he'll refute whatever charges are made. Perhaps credit for that could go to temporary AG Matthew Whitaker who has been spying on Mueller. It all sounds like bullshit to me. 

More Chaos..

Tweet time extended throughout the day:

After a CNN article on Rex Tillerson (Trump's ex-secretary of state) reported that he had to keep Trump from violating laws Trump retaliated by tweeting "...that Tillerson was as lazy as hell and as dumb as a rock." 

Desperate lame duck House Republicans interviewed James Comey in private, hoping to discredit the FBI, but came away grumbling. It was their last stand attempt at interfering with the Russian investigation.

The airwaves are filled with Christmas songs and reports of Trump's corruption. We know what Santa is going to bring Trump, and it's not coal. He got that last year. This year his stocking is going to stuffed with summons and subpoenas.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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