Friday, November 2, 2018

2018 Elections: Vicious Lies, Echo Chambers and Bubbles

Good Day World!

Let's look at the bright side.

In four more days voting will take place and that avalanche of political ads will cease. 

These midterm elections, driven by senseless fears, have already made history as the nastiest midterms ever. 

Fueled by Trump's lies about a group of refugees and immigrants coming from Honduras to invade America, this ad makes the infamous Willie Horton ad look tame. It's a vicious assault based upon lies and conservative propaganda.

Trump and his surrogates are savagely waging a racial warfare between attempted bombings of prominent Democrats and Trump critics, and the Pittsburg synagogue massacre.

Trumpanzees at Fox News and social media web sites like Breitbart are reliable echo chambers for every baseless claim our liar in chief makes.

Then there's Trump's base. This particular group of people live in a bubble where Trump is viewed as a savior because he attacks liberals and tells them things they like to hear...regardless of how racist or hateful the stories are.

In the bubble, Trump can act like the anti Christ and still be hailed as God's servant by the alt-right evangelicals who ignore his sins here on earth in order to further draconian laws against women's right of choice regarding their bodies.

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Hate rides the winds this Fall as America prepares to turn out for what may be our most vicious midterm election in history. 

When the dust settles, we'll find out if there's hope of reining in Trump and his minions with a Democratic majority House.

If you haven't already pre-voted, on Election Day. Democracy is counting on you.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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