Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Melt Down Has Begun! Trump Loses It During Questioning!


On Trump's rambling rant with the press today.

It was almost scary to watch. Everything said and written about his mental condition was nakedly exposed as his anger got the better of him.

His rambling answers were off topic and turned into lectures about everything he thinks is wrong in America and the world. 

I watched his features get more animated by the minute. He appeared to be drugged at times. He systematically defended every controversial move he made in the White House and in foreign relations.

He treated each reporter with pure scorn and talked over their questions. It was like his mind kept shifting gears in spite of himself. He almost seemed helpless in his general rage and the topics he lurched off into.

I had a creepy feeling watching him admit that he favors the accused and not the accusers in anything he said, she said.
To one reporter...
"Have you ever been picked before to ask a question?"

"Not from the president of the US," the nervous man replied.

"What are you? A Kurd? I like Kurds. Go ahead...speak."

"Will you support the Kurds when..."


And so it went. The most amazing performance a president has ever made in a simple question and answer format. It was like watching a reality show. 

At times, reporters couldn't even get the words out before he interrupted them and went off in a crazed tangent. His mood swings were written on his rubbery face - happy, mad, sad, glad, bored, and on and on as he performed for the press.

At times, I had the feeling I was a bar tender listening to a drunk with a shit pile of grudges and obvisiously living in an alternate universe.

If you have children, don't let them see this video of their president melting down on live on prime time.

He boasted and bragged with comments like, "I don't care what the rest of the world thinks about Iran. It only matters what I think. What the US thinks."

Watching Trump take apart reporters was liking watching a little boy pick the wings off of butterflies. He reveled in his anger. His voice rose at times and then slid down to a whisper as he went from one subject to the other seemingly  
energized by his aggressive behavior.

It was the strangest press interview of the 21st century. Probably even in the 20th century. 

I think it was a psychiatrist's dream getting to analyze Trump's anger and easy lies in a one hour plus performance for the world to marvel at.

The narcissist, the sociopath, the racist, and the bully all stood together and defied the world...and reality. 

In the end, I think this was a sign of things to come...very soon. Trump was clearly losing it. It might be time to start talking 25th Amendment.

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