Thursday, September 27, 2018

Free Admission to the Political Theater Today

Good Day World!

Step right up my friend! 

There's a rare special feature (Supreme Court judge nominee Brett Kavanaugh will face at least one of the women accusing him of sexually harassment) to see today, for free. 

I don't care where you are, you can watch and listen as the Senate Judiciary Committee goes through a sham hearing in a futile attempt to appease Americans who want justice for Kavanaugh's accusers. All three of them.

 A female Republican prosecutor will ask questions instead of the spineless GOP senators themselves. 

It's totally inappropriate to bring in an outside criminal prosecutor for a trial like this. The same rules don't even apply to a political hearing. I know why they want her to ask questions. It's about optics.

By staging a theater set piece like this, the Republicans are desperately trying to go through the motions before they vote on partisan lines on Kavanaugh's confirmation Friday.

It's telling that these Republican senators didn't want to ask the questions. They knew their bias would bubble over and it wouldn't look good for their case.

The stock market is expecting a slow day of trading (according to yesterday's business news) as wall street traders take time off to watch the dog-and-pony show in the senate.

Call me silly, but I don't see the vote happening on Friday. 

There's just too much resistance across the entire country. The Republicans aren't going to get away without hearing from the other two accusers. How that'll happen is just speculation at this time.

Invariably, people will compare this hearing to the one that railroaded Anita Hill when she accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his confirmation process. Some of the optics may change, as I mentioned earlier. 

Nevertheless, this contentious confirmation process has aroused women across the country to support Kavanaugh's accusers. These same woman will be voting in the midterms, and if my guess is right, they won't be voting for Republicans.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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