Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sociopaths in Politics: Grabbing Pussy's and Promoting Racism

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Politics have always been the unruly child of America's Republic. 

Democracy demands organization. Therefore leaders emerge from the masses to represent the majority.

Unfortunately, we have a leader who doesn't represent the majority because of the trickery in our Electoral College.

Laws have brought some accountability into our system of government, but they are challenged constantly. The arena of politics involves, deceit, lies, rhetoric, hyperbole,and broken promises. Liars and con men go back to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

What is new, is that we now have sociopaths in high places that are breaking laws and societal norms who were voted into office.

Trump of course is the most obvious example. 

He's cold, callus, and calculating. He lies daily. He's irresponsible, and manipulates people like puppets. His lack of emotion and his ability to look into a camera and lie without batting an eye, are textbook examples of a sociopath.

So how did he become our president? There were others like Trump in the past who fell short of the presidency because the timing wasn't right.

But Trump road a wave of "Birtherism," racism, conspiracies and fear after eight years of an African-American president. Whites in America never felt more threatened before. 

When Trump, the ultra con man and sociopath, stepped up to the fore for the alt-right, he found a base of believers who follow him like the disciples of Jim Jones

We live in pivotal times. Our free press is under assault by the nation's leader and his minions. The alternate press is media platforms like Fox News, InfoWars, and Brietbart, that are bringing in converts daily.

Political pundits look into cameras with a steady gaze, as lies drip off their tongues like honey. Most Americans are horrified at how polarized the country is during these dark times with a sociopath holding their future ransom.

Historians aren't going to be kind to Trump and his enablers in congress. It's just a matter of time before justice will prevail and, hopefully, we'll move on to a better administration that doesn't worship a sociopath who brags about grabbing women's pussies!

Time for me to walk on down the road...  

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