Monday, August 20, 2018

In The Future Will People Know What Truth Is?

Good Day World!

The war against reality, and what's true and what's a lie, began the day Trump was sworn in as our president.

I, like millions of Americans my age,was raised with a clear understanding of what a lie was. The opposite of truth. Lies were bad. Truth was good. There was no in-between. No such thing as alternate truths or realities. 

That's no longer the case. Point in fact; Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was on TV yesterday and told the host "Truth isn't truth," when it comes to Trump talking with special counsel Robert Mueller.

I'll let you digest that for a moment. " Here's the video.

This is just another milestone in the decline of truth under Trump. His daily lies, via tweets and in public, have been growing like a cancer on democracy, justice, and free speech since Putin helped him get elected.

Trump has finally earned the coveted "Biggest Liar on the Planet" award after other world leaders have had to deal with his lies. He went from a national to an international liar in spectacular fashion.

U.S. Image Suffers As Publics Around the World Question Trump's Leadership

Looking beyond Trump right now, and into the future, I fear there will be a whole generation that no longer distinguishes between the truth, and a lie. 

They will have no foundation to build on, unless our current congress stops enabling Trump, and recognizes the danger he poses for all Americans. His all-out assault on truth is not the legacy any sane person would want their children,or grandchildren to have.

One of the ways a dictator stops truth from being spread is to attack the free press, like Trump does. Another way dictators assault truth is to stop those who are speaking it. 

Leon Panetta Warns Security Clearances Could Be Used As A 'Political Tool' By Trump  

I want to leave you with some positive thoughts.

Two-thirds of Americans don't like Trump. That's a majority. 

As for congress, I expect we'll see the Democrats take back the House in November. Then Trump will be taken to task for obstructing justice and abusing his power, among a host of other high crimes.

Trump and his minions can say the sky is green and the land is blue, all they want. As Americans who believe in this great country, we just don't have to believe them.

The clock is ticking...

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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