Friday, August 24, 2018

Sessions Shows Some Spine As Truth Bombs Fall on Trump

Good Day World!

Who would have thought, Keebler Elf look-alike, Jeff Sessions, would stand up to Trump...for even a moment?

It appears he grew some dingleberries (not big enough for balls yet) when he announced the DOJ wouldn't be influenced by politics. And he refuted Trump's claim that he's never been in control of the department, saying he has since Day One.

It was the mouse who roared, even while noting he's carried out Trump's agenda like a good puppet. Stay tuned for this example of a hostile work environment in the West Wing.

Trump needs to hole up in a bomb shelter

There's been so many truth bombs dropped recently revealing his corruption in (and outside), that the White House lawn is covered in craters.

Another bomb dropped yesterday. Trump's long-time buddy, David Pecker, publisher of The National Inquirer, is cooperating with authorities (he's been granted immunity) regarding the whole payoff scandal with a porn star and playboy model. 

It's looking like Trump's buddies are becoming his worst enemies. Michael Cohen's testimony incriminating Trump for campaign fraud (misuse of campaign funds), is only the tip of the iceberg melting under Trump's fat ass.

What Trump really needs is a 24-hour bomb squad, not a battery of lawyers, because the bombs are going to continue dropping. 

Time for me to walk on down the road....

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