Thursday, June 21, 2018

Trump Just Signed An Executive Order: A Week Ago He Said He Couldn't Do Anything

Good Day World!

It took the condemnation from the entire nation, and world, of Trump's policy to separate children from their parents, to force him to backtrack and sign an executive order halting the cruel practice yesterday.

The GOP members with large Hispanic populations got real uneasy with midterms looming. It was the worst of all optics for their party. 

From what I understand Melania has been working on her asshole husband to come up with something to stop the draconian policy he put in place. Who knows? Maybe that was what it took to move the S.O.B.

The lesson here is that Trump can be thwarted by the will of the people and the courts. His racist agenda is hitting more barriers as the months go by.

Congressional Republicans have a couple of immigration bills that they'll be batting around today. The odds that either of them become law is very slim. The Republican party is being upstaged by the Trump party in both houses.

That is to say the morons can't come to a consensus. The Democrats aren't going to build Donny's dream wall on our southern border.

The good news is the separation of children and parents at the border is supposed to stop with that executive order (that Trump has been falsely claiming he couldn't write).

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