Tuesday, June 19, 2018

New Manual: How To Tell If You're A Loyal Trump Foot Soldier

Good Day World!

If your not sure that you're a loyal Trump foot soldier, then please read on.

You know that you're pleasing your master if:

You stay in lockstep with Trump and march in the direction he's going - even if it means numerous directions on one subject and turning around in the opposite direction.

You are prepared to march off a cliff to prove your loyalty to The Donald.

You actually believe Trump's claim that it's the Democrats fault that immigrant families are being separated at our southern border.

You ignore reality and willfully march through a field of lies with Trump daily.

You embrace Trump's love of dictators, and support his latest bromance with North Korea's Kim. 

You never admit your wrong, despite factual evidence to the contrary. 

You mirror Pence's actions by following Trumps every movement and mannerism - right down to putting your water bottle on the floor because he did, despite not knowing why.

You wake up every morning and repeat "There's no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia," three times before breakfast.

You have no problem eating Trump's shit, and actually smile when people call you on it.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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