Monday, June 18, 2018

The Sky is Still Blue Regardless of What Trumpanzees Tell You

                                              Good Day World!

I know. It's Monday.

Of that you can be sure. As for everything else in our world, well...that's another matter.

Fact: Trump's "no tolerance" policy on our southern border is separating children from their parents. This practice started with AG Jeff Sessions in April. 

Spin: AG Jeff Sessions spews so-called Biblical reason for taking children away from their parents to justify his heinous act.  

More Spin: Trump brazenly lies at press gaggle in front of the White House last Friday when he claimed it was the Democrats fault this was happening. 

He told skeptical reporters (because they knew the truth) it was a Democratic law that forced him to rip children out of their parent's arms.

Fact: There is no such thing as a Democratic law. A law is a law, because both parties in Congress make it so. This basic fact will never change.

Despite Trump's ill-informed attack on reality, he doubled down and lied when he said he couldn't do anything about it right away. That his tiny hands were tied unless Congress gives him everything he asks for.

Trump's base is stubbornly accepting his view of reality. Even when it's proven to be false. Trumpanzees like Fox's Hannity, and Fox and Friends foolish foursome, happily follow Trump's lead and parrot his lies repeatedly. Hoping repetition will wear people's thinking process to a lump of pliable gray matter and rejecting reality. It's been working.

My advise is when someone tells you grass isn't green, smile (you don't want to rile the idiot) and find a quick excuse to exit!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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