Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Racist Bully Trump Renews Attacks Against Immigrants

Good Day World!

Here's how classy our president is; On Easter Sunday he stood next to the Easter Bunny and touted our military.

Think about it. On a day of peace, which Easter Sunday is known worldwide for, our dictator-in-waiting also decided to boot the Dreamers out of the country.

His rants on DACA leave no doubt that he could care less about those 800,000 people currently in limbo.

He blames the Democrats of course, but anyone following what's happening in Congress knows full well he cares more about his multi-billion dollar wall than in granting any kind of amnesty for the Dreamers.

What's happening is Trump has nearly gotten rid of all of his official babysitters, with the exception of chief-of-staff, John Kelly, who has become just another puppet willing to put up with anything Trump does. No matter how illegal.

It's apparent Trump has shook off all his restraints after a year-and-a-half, and has returned to his normal self - a damn racist bully!

Trump's willingness to play on deep-seated fears of the "other," helped get him elected in 2016. 

"They" were invading America,Trump argued. "They" were challenging "our" values, changing the face of America in ways that were deeply damaging to the country.

Trump has continued to blow the dog whistle as President - insisting that on everything from immigration to trade, America is under very serious threat from the "other," and that unless things change, we will lose what is fundamentally American.

Look for a relentless focus on the wall and the threats posed by allegedly unfettered immigration between now and November.

Trump is hoping to pump up his base to back up GOP midterm candidates. Political pundits believe a Blue Wave is coming in November, and this is Trump's way of fighting back.

I really wonder if anyone in Congress is ever going to stand up to Trump's racist agendas?

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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