Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Primary Parade Begin's Today - Will Pennsylvania Go From Red To Blue?

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The primary parade starts today in Pennsylvania. 

Voters will decide in the special House election, between Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone, who will represent their state.

Interesting fact:

The traditionally red 18th district is not going to look the same come November's midterm elections.


Because the Republicans were caught cheating.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court redrew the state's legislative map to redress decades of gerrymandering, resulting in a more level playing field. 

Despite being called a close race by political pundits, there's a sense of an impending Democratic avalanche. A positive energy is coming in the form of voter turn-out in the state.

By all accounts, the Democratic base is much more motivated to vote now - a year into Trump's presidency - than they were in the 2016 election.

Between now and the Fall, we're going to see a lot more national coverage on state races. That in itself, would benefit Democrats.

I have no predictions for today.

If Lamb loses, I won't be shocked. If he wins, I won't be entirely surprised, and will certainly take it as a good sign towards the Democrats regaining Congress.

Time for me to walk on down the road...  

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