Friday, September 29, 2017

Trump's 'Middle Class Miracle' is More like Christmas For The Wealthy

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A new con is on. Donny calls it "The Middle Class Miracle."

He failed with his racist immigration con, and overturning Obamacare.

So, now he's rolled out a tax plan that is a gift to his wealthy friends and corporations. It's wrapped in lies, few details, and lots of bullshit about how it's all about the middle class getting breaks.

New York Times writer analyzed Donny's latest con : Trump Tax Plan Benefits Wealthy, Including Trump.

This should come as no surprise to anyone. Not even the morons who voted for him because he was a "businessman" (like that's some kind of magical endorsement).

Anyone whose bothered to look into Trump's past knows he was a shitty businessman who declared bankruptcy several times, and had a lot of shady business deals with wealthy Russians and mobsters (more on that in Mueller's report when the investigation into collusion with the Russians is released).

Since when is being a businessman president of the United States a good thing? Who started that ridiculous rumor?

People like Donny have tons of skeletons in their past, and no history of caring about the American middle class and poor.

The businessman mindset was a farce from the start.

We needed an educated president who isn't a racist and a liar. Not some wheeler-dealer whose embarrassing millions of Americans with his ignorance on almost any subject.

Here we go again. Trump wants us to believe another one of his lies.

The truth is this Big Tax Plan for the middle class, doesn't even have any details on how the middle class or poor will be affected.

The interesting thing is cuts for the wealthy - like doing away with estate taxes which only helps uber-rich like Donny - and a clause to defer their taxes have been spelled out.

That doesn't sound like a middle class miracle to me, as Trump claimed when announcing this latest scheme. It sounds more like Christmas for the wealthy than anything else.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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