Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What Are The Chances Melania Stays At Trump Tower Throughout Donny's Term?

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"What would happen if the first lady didn't want to live in the White House?" my wife asked one day.

The question set me back for a moment. 

It's not something I previously considered. Was it crazy of her to even suggest such a thing?

"I don't know dear, " I replied, "but I'll look into it."

After researching Melania Trump's background, I have to say it's not such a crazy reach to suggest she might not move into that White House on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I'm not predicting that will happen. Just saying. Here's why:

She's never made it a secret that she's totally dedicated to a lavish lifestyle, and unlike many of her wealthy associates, she's never had a favorite charity.

profile of First Lady Melania Trump in Vanity Fair magazine paints the former model as bored and disinterested with the duties of First Lady and sources close to Mrs. Trump say that she has been dragged along behind her husband’s political ambitions against her will.

The article describes a woman who didn't want her husband to be the next president of the United States. Instead, she wanted to continue her insular lifestyle and not worry about other people.

Fact: Over the course of Trump’s 17-month campaign, she rarely joined her husband at rallies, and the speeches she gave could be counted on one hand.

I was surprised to see her stay at Trump Tower after her hubby became Commander-In-Chief.

The excuse about keeping Barron in school sounded weak, and left a lot of people wondering just how much support Melania is really going to give Chump in the future.

Some feminists are crossing their fingers that Melania decides to dump Trump while he's in office. 

However unlikely that may be, it's one female fantasy circulating the web.

Of course, we're living in strange times.

We have the worst president to ever set foot inside the Oval Office.
His lies and childish temperament are taking us to the brink of war with North Korea.
Rump and his campaign staff are currently being investigated by four committees for colluding with the Russians during the election.

In summary, I wouldn't be shocked if Melania decided to stay at Trump Tower throughout his term. I know one thing, this daughter of a Communist Party Member is not interested in being a traditional First Lady.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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