Thursday, April 27, 2017

Revealed: How Trump Is Using Public Funds To Get Richer

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Trump's one-man assault against our Constitution continues to alarm law experts as more evidence mounts against his violations.

Since Day One we've heard about concerns over Don the Con's violation of the "foreign emoluments clause" in the Constitution.

Chump however is doubling down with the so-called "domestic emoluments clause." 

Now we find out that he's making money from seven states!

That puts Rump in clear violation of Article II of the U.S. Constitution which prohibits the president from receiving additional payments beyond his salary from state governments.

This clause and a “foreign emoluments clause” prohibiting similar payments from foreign governments have been thrust to the fore because of Dump's vast, complicated network of businesses, which ethics experts say has created unprecedented conflicts of interest.

Here's What's Happening:

Exclusive: A New York Hotel Deal Shows How Much Public Pension Funds Help To Enrich Trump 

After reading the link above you have a good idea of what's at stake. 

The most unpopular president in modern times didn't set his lust for money aside when he got elected. Instead, he's been enhancing his brand - see Mar-A-Lago

It doesn't end there. Hump's tax proposal to cut corporate taxes from 35% to 15% will increase his already considerable wealth. It would be the biggest boost to the wealthy in over 150 years.

It's a sad day when some Americans turn their backs on these facts.

Closed eyes will never see the truth.

Partisanship poison always pollutes the thinking process. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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