Monday, April 24, 2017

Washington Swamp Thriving Under Toxic Trump Administration

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The swamp in Washington, that Trump claimed he was going to drain, is crowded with new players.

The waters are murkier - and more dangerous - now than ever before with the new arrivals.

New lobbyists, riding on Trump's coat-tails, are slithering in at an alarming rate. The fetid waters do not bode well for the average American.

A recent analysis by USA Today reported that former campaign aides, fundraisers and others with ties to Chump and Pence, have attracted dozens of new lobbying clients in Washington; raking in more than $2.2 million in lobbying fees in the first months of the new regime.

When questioned about the newly added pollution to the swamp the White House released a statement that said, "There is no legal restriction on former campaign aides having positive relationships inside and outside the White House."

Wow! Some of us knew that payoffs would be coming if Hump got elected. Those that voted for him because they thought that swamp would be drained, are grinding their teeth and trying to smile.   

Avenue Strategies, a lobbying and consulting start up by Corey Lewandowski, who was Dump's first campaign manager, is one example.

Forget about the fact that Strump had to fire Lewandowski because of his connections to Russia were hurting his chances of getting elected.

They stayed buddies.  

Lewandoski recently bragged online about what a good time he had with Rump.

He tweeted a picture from the White House South Lawn and said, "Great time at the WH today with @realDonaldTrump and the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots."

Perhaps the most sickening aspect to this complete reversal of what he told his followers, is his blatant assault on ethics since Day One of his regime.

His contempt for current laws and attacks against our judiciary system, is helping to stock the swamp with even more dangerous predators of our rights.

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