Sunday, April 16, 2017

Putter-In-Chief Plays Golf As The Nation Calls For His Tax Returns

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Yesterday the Trump motorcade managed to avoid several hundred protesters (demanding to see his tax returns).

The TrumpMobile had to take a snake route back to his Palm Beach estate, Mar-A-Lago, after a leisure day of golfing at his golf course.

The French Queen Maria Antoinette infamously suggested that the starving public could eat cake if they didn't have any bread. 

Trump's response to releasing his tax returns is similar in that he could care less what the public wants. 

Americans in 150 cities marched in protest because Chump won't share his tax returns. He's claimed that he can't because he's under an audit but the IRS says that's bullshit!

He can share his returns at any time, audit or no audit, the IRS countered. 

Then when he got elected he announced that Americans didn't want to see his tax returns. That they weren't interested in them, just their own.

There was one problem with that statement; over two-thirds of the American public would very much like to see his tax returns.

I think a nationwide protest is a big clue.

The Washington, D.C., march began with a rally at the U.S. Capitol, where Sen. Ron Wyden called on Trump to ‘knock off the secrecy.” 

What is Rump hiding? His minions have managed to block most of the efforts - like getting the Ways and Means Committee involved - to force him to show them.

Thus far Lump has managed to change the dialogue everytime it comes up by telling some sensational lie to divert the public.

Yesterday's Tax March won't be a one-off. Too many people are concerned. There will be more protests. It's just a matter of time before Republicans have to grow a pair and allow an investigation to proceed.

When that day comes, Stump will probably be playing golf and entertaining his billionaire buddies on the taxpayer's dime.

Trump Calls For Investigation Into Tax Day Protesters, Tweets The Election Is Over

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