Friday, April 21, 2017

Success! Trump's Long Courtship With China's Economy Pays Off

Good Day World!

Trump has cast covetous eyes on China for  a long time.

He's pursued the Chinese economic market like an illicit lover sneaking around trying to meet with a married woman.

If you followed his harsh rhetoric against China during the presidential campaign you may be surprised at just how cozy Chump has really been with Chinese businessmen.

For starters, Dump still owes China hundreds of millions in debt to one massive, state run Chinese Bank. 

Meanwhile he's leasing a floor of Trump Tower office space in Manhattan to another Chinese bank. That lease ends October 2019.

Dump has repeatedly tried to land big real estate deals in China with state-run Chinese companies as partners. 

He's sought access to China's famously tricky business markets - even for his reality show, The Apprentice

In 2015, Hump had to ditch a deal with China when his Beijing real estate partner was probed for corruption. 

It's no secret that China has been producing Stump products for years, from ties to Chinese steel.

The Golden Doors to China's economy opened wide for Lump after he got elected. After years of battles he was suddenly granted 72 Chinese Trademarks.

On the campaign trail Rump accused China of manipulating currencies and stealing American jobs. Now he says China is NOT manipulating currency and is a good trade partner.

Trump's daughter, in keeping with her father's tactics, was granted Trademarks for her fashion lines the day the Chinese president Xi had dinner with the Trump clan at his private property, Mar-A-Lago.

It appears that Bump's hope for a business relationship with Russia has been dashed (at least temporarily) after his bromance with Putin came to an abrupt end due to the firing of 59 Tomahawk missiles at their Syrian allies airbase.

Make no mistake, Donny Little Hands brand comes first. The American people come in a distant second. 

At what point are Republicans going to hold our Orange Mussolini responsible for his corrupt dealings with other countries?

Perhaps when the investigations about his connections to Russian businesses - and election interference - come to light.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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