Saturday, April 15, 2017

Days Of Overkill Revisited: Taxpayers Fund Costly 'David and Goliath' Wars

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As a Vietnam veteran, I can vividly recall watching jets and helicopters attack lightly armed VC, NVA, and unarmed innocent civilians.

It was a David and Goliath conflict. 

We carpet bombed Northern Vietnam with more bombs than we dropped in all of WW II in an attempt to defeat our low tech enemy.

I've seen massive fire support called in for a single sniper. Despite these overkill methods we arguably lost the war. The cost to the American taxpayer was staggering.

After dropping the largest conventional bomb in our arsenal recently - the MOAB - in Afghanistan, the clock was turned back to Vietnam, and the days of overkill.

The $16 million massive 21,000 pound MOAB, killed 36 jihadis in Nangarhar province. 

Latest info: MOAM Death Toll up to 96 jihadis

Crunched down – and in the most cold-blooded terms – that means the US military killed 96 Isis members at a cost of almost $150,000 per individual.

Here's the thing that gets me; the MOAB is a costly white elephant that we developed years ago and never used. Twenty of them were built back when we were at war with Saddam Hussein.

Why trot it out now?

After dropping it on lightly armed ISIS fighters in a crude tunnel system the results reaffirmed what the military probably already knew: The Mother Of All Bombs was a massive disappointment.

Did Donny Little Hands discover it was in our arsenal one day and get the urge to drop a bigly bomb? It's possible.

Or, did Chump's generals take it upon themselves to make a political statement of some sort? 

Regardless of why the MOAB was dropped, it was an affirmation of our failed strategy in Vietnam. Apparently people in the right places don't know our military history very well.

Or, they just don't give a damn as long as the taxpayers continue to fund the military industrial complex's indulgences.

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