Monday, April 10, 2017

Trump's Foreign Policy: 'I'm Not Going To Tell You What's Coming Next'

                                             Good Day World!

Trump's unpredictable behavior in his first 13 weeks of office has carried over to America's new foreign policy of...wait for it...

"I'm not going to tell you what's coming next."

This policy is disconcerting to other countries. It's also disconcerting to Americans who are trying to adjust to Chump's erratic tweets, public rants, and "yuge" lies.

Americans aren't comfortable with Hump who hasn't shared his vision of how we are going to handle the Middle East  crisis going forward after launching 59 missiles that struck a Syrian airbase.

What's the next step?

Here's where it starts to get scary. Lump has no plan after his bold and impulsive move ratcheted up the stakes between the U.S. and Russia in Syria.

His generals have no marching orders to follow. His inner circle is divided between getting out of Syria or continuing with the status quo.

Congress is nervously wondering if Bump is going to lead them into a nasty little war.

Right now, American's yearn for some reassurance that Donny Little Hands isn't going to set off a serious of events in the Middle East that results in World War III.

It's not a good feeling knowing that the six-year old side of Dump likes to blow things up and pretend he's a soldier. 

After repeatedly dodging the draft he's now living his dream as the Commander-In-Chief - oh boy! A chance to show he wears big boy pants ... 

and a great opportunity to play with the most powerful weaponized country on the planet.

This Trumpian foreign policy of not sharing his worldwide intentions with the American people, Congress, and his own generals, is leading us all down a very dark path.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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