Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trump: Looking For Love In The Wrong Place

Good Day World!

By now America knows that it's president is a thin-skinned liar, and egomaniac.

Donny Little-Hands can't stop praising himself by distorting facts and coming up with alternative facts.

His latest Saturday tweet (it's one of his favorite days to make bigly tweets!) is the most recent example.

Chump lashed out out the media for not singing his praises for reducing the National Debt in his first month.

He claimed that during his first month in office the National Debt went down by $12 billion vs a $200 billion increase in Obama's first month. 

Sad. And of course it was a ridiculous comparison in the first place.

Obama walked into the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression and had to bail the country out. He did what presidents before him have done and took on debt to stimulate the economy.

As we all know, it worked. Trump inherited a vibrant economy. Instead of recognizing this fact, Rump convinced himself (with no evidence) that his administration was doing great.

There's one more thing Lump doesn't seem to know:
The debt probably ticked down, but it's due to the federal government re-balancing its inner-governmental holdings.

In other words, debt outstanding to the public has barely budged since inauguration day. 

In addition:

Business Insider reported that the federal government is still operating under the budget passed before Don-the-Con came aboard.

To summarize, our first illegitimate president is: 

1. Tying to take credit for something he didn't do.

2. Making false claims based on pure bullshit.

3. So dumb that he thinks no one will fact check him.

4. So vain that he doesn't care because he likes people to talk about him. 

What Hump doesn't realize is when he's caught lying (a daily experience) most Americans aren't okay with that. 

By trying to force feed his reality on the public Chump is looking for love in the wrong place. 

His only alternative is too hold campaign rallies for 2020 so he can get that love from his Hard Core followers. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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