Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tweeter-In-Chief Saves Bigly Tweets for Saturday

Good Day World!

Today our beloved Tweeter-In-Chief will have bigly responses to some important issues.

It's Saturday. Super charged tweet time.

To tweet, or not to tweet. That has been the question.

His Donaldness has turned to social media so that you can get The Truth about everything. Remember; he alone can save the country and the world. 

The Muslim ban, judges making ridiculous decisions, voter fraud, inauguration crowd size, and Nordstrom's bad decision not to carry his daughter's shoddy shoes anymore are just samplings of his wise tweets.

As you know the mainstream media has nothing but Fake News. Just ask Sean Spicer or Kellyann Conway. They'll tell you. 

TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites...they all lie. 

Only our white fake blond-haired master president will give you all the facts. All of the alternative ones.

But by golly, they're facts.

As you may have noticed about our Tweeter-In-Chief, he likes to really ratchet up his attacks on anything, or person, on Saturday mornings.

Wouldn't it be inspiring to get to see His Donaldness wandering around in the dimly lit White House on a Saturday morning in his white robe, clutching his mobile device while stabbing at it with his stubby fingers?

You have to get up early though because he likes tweeting about state matters, fake voters, fake polls, fake news, people who oppose him, and how smooth his Muslim ban went until some stupid judges (9th Circuit Court) stopped it, before he takes his daily dump.

Some white house staffers excuse his tweets by claiming he's just grumpy on the weekends and people shouldn't take it personally. 

Others say his daughter and son-in-law observe Shabbat like good Jews from Friday to Saturday night, and are not around to rein him in on Saturday mornings.

Tsk! Tsk! Nasty rumors. 

Our emperor president knows what he's doing.

He's going to Make America Great Again...just'll see.

Tweet by tweet!

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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