Saturday, February 25, 2017

Annual Conservative Freak Show Unveils a New Political Order - Trumpism

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Our first illegitimate president, Donny Little-Hands, refused to go to last year's meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) - also known as the annual conservative freak show - but this year he was one of it's star attractions.

Going forward the conference may be re-named (the White Light Party) if presidential adviser "Darth" Bannon has anything to say about it (you can bet he will). 

Bannon (in his first public appearance) bragged that under Chump there was now a new political order. He predicted "Trumpism" would overtake the conservative movement and fundamentally change the country.

As Bannon threw out red meat to the salivating audience he described what was happening under Rump's regime as the "deconstruction of the administrative state."

In other words, Democracy is being destroyed in favor of a new fascist regime that favors whites and the wealthy. 

The purge of people with color has already started. It was stopped by a federal court after 48 hours of chaos. The next ban is coming soon.

There was an interesting sidelight to the freak show that didn't get a lot of press. Only one senator, I'll kiss anyone's ass -Ted Cruz, attended the gala event.

In past conferences, members of Congress fought to be invited to it. They often ended up being the stars of the show. But their collective no-show this time revealed just how large the split is between real conservatives and Trump's followers.

Conservatives and Trumpsters are already on a collision course. Their uneasy alliance is based upon the conservatives fear of retaliation if they dare to defy the new political order.

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