Thursday, November 10, 2016

Has Swedish Law Finally Caught Up To Accused Rapist Julian Assange?

Good Day World!

WikiLeaks founder and accused rapist, Julian Assange, will finally face questioning about sex crimes he allegedly committed four years ago.

An unusual arrangement to try his case was made between Ecuadorian and Swedish authorities who plan on questioning him November 14th.

An interview was arranged (at the Ecuadorian Embassy) with an Ecuadorian prosecutor, a Swedish prosecutor and police investigator, who will all ask him questions. If he agrees, they also want a DNA sample.

Seeing as how Assange has skipped being proscuted from three other cases of sex crimes - they expired due to statutes of limitation while the coward was hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy - it's important that the fourth case of rape have all the evidence possible.

Rape is rape.

Assange tried to get the case overthrown in September, but a Swedish court upheld it. Perhaps this lowlife, who has caused so many people grief, will finally get a taste of real justice. 

I can only hope.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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