Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trump - Communist Loving Traitor On A Personal Mission

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Facts have always annoyed Donald Trump. Especially when he's on a mission.

Instead he relies on lawsuits to skirt around facts. He can tell you an outright lie to your face without blinking. 

A lifetime of lies will do that. It's like having a superpower.

However, his recent actions prove he's worse than just a liar... he's a traitor planning on selling out America to Russia. 

His whole life has been about enhancing his wealth. Not the American people's fortunes.

Trump's latest attacks against American intelligence agencies that outright said the Russians were inferring with the election, are more than troubling; they're a scary sign of what's coming down the road.  

When it comes to Russia, Trump has a real credibility problem. 

Why wouldn't he take a foreign government's suspected interference in an American election seriously, unless he doesn't want to know the truth?

Or worse yet, maybe he does know the truth, and his minions have been working with the Russians all along.

U.S.Officials: Putin Personally Involved In Election Hack

The troubling signs have been there throughout the presidential campaign. 

Putin and Trump's bromance blossomed while staffers for Trump with Russian ties were added - and later dropped when the press found out.

Watch what happens in the months and years ahead, as Trump drops sanctions against Russia and boldly buddies up with communists - whose main goal is to wipe out Democracy.

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