Sunday, December 11, 2016

Frogalogue: Another Day in the Peat Bog with a Cranky Frog

Good Day World!

It's just another day in the peat bog with a cranky frog!

But here you are.

I hope you enjoy your visit...


A big bullfrog
sat on a yule log
in a peat bog
surrounded by fog
a warty watchdog
sharing his travelogue
over a cup of grog
with a french bulldog
who had to slog
miles to reach the bog
to drink with the cranky frog
and listen to his monologue
about a hedgehog
he wanted to send to a gulag
because he wouldn't share his eggnog
on the yule log
in the peat bog
that day...

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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