Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Melania Trump Knows All About Power and Isn't Ashamed To Use It

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When it comes to first ladies in the White House, Melania Trump promises to be one of the most controversial and unpopular one ever.

Even more unpopular than Hillary Clinton when she was the First Lady, according to a recent Washingtion Post/ABC News poll.

One of the very first things our new first lady wants you and the world to know is don't mess with her, or she will sue your ass off - or perhaps worse!

She's made that clear by filing a defamation lawsuit against the Daily Mail last week. She showed up at the first filing (something clients never do) and met with the judge and lawyers for the defense.

Her message to the Daily Mail was clear; "I'm going to ruin you if you don't meet my terms right now. Because after my husband is in office, I'll really go after you!"

Her power move must have made hubby happy. He's not too interested in the First Amendment either. 

Melania grew up in communist Yugoslavia - to become the first communist First Lady in American history - and speaks five languages. Six, if you add the language of power.

What kind of things can we expect to see from her that will unite Americans? I'm pretty sure ripping of taxpayers in New York City is a bad start.

The former model prefers to stay in the gold-gilt penthouse apartment of Trump Tower instead of the White House like every other first lady in our history.

One of her excuses is that 10-year old Barron (her and Donald's child) needs to finish his term at the exclusive private school he attends.

It's estimated that it will cost New York taxpayers a million dollars a day to keep her secure in Trump Tower. When that news went out a petition was launched to make Melania leave the city. Over a 100,000 have signed it thus far.

The Petition reads:

"The New York taxpayers refuse to pay over $1 million a day so she can stay. If this decision has been made, between the two of them they (the Trumps) should be the ones to pay for it. 
Not New York taxpayer dollars that could be used on roads, schools, transit, sanitation, new jobs and other expenses that the city has."
It continues: "This is what tax dollars should be used for, improvements for the city and all the people of the city, not just one."
Melania is not going to like that. I think I see another power move coming from our future first lady!
Time for me to walk on down the road...

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