Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Day Social Media Tore Down The Fourth Estate

Good Day World!

Take a peek into the future.

On a wintery day in 2030, historians released a comprehensive report on how Facebook and Twitter crushed America's Fourth Estate.

Researchers pointed to Donald Trump's rise in politics - while Twittering like a grotesque orange bird - for the beginning of the end of journalism. Facts fell to world views based on lies and propaganda from there on.

Despite the fact that Trump was impeached for corruption after his first year in office, the power of Twitter and Facebook continued to grow.

Trump's successors furthered their clout, effectively weakening the print media's influence until the day came when their corporate overlords decided they were no longer profitable.

People could barely read and relied on social media's graphics, holograms, photos, and videos, to get all of their news.

The demise of journalism went un-noticed by the under-educated masses.

Webster's American Dictionary went out of print, along with all the rest, and still no one noticed.

By the time someone did...it was too late.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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