Monday, December 19, 2016

How Santa Trump Saved Christmas and Made It White Again

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Of all of Donald Trump's many lies, the one that he saved Christmas has to be the biggest whopper.

During his little (rub my ego) victory tour recently, he informed the crowd that he was bringing Christmas back. From where, I don't know, but the Trumpenzees were certainly elated and howled like hyenas in heat.

It was kinda like saying the Grinch is bringing Christmas back. 

Somehow, I find it hard to believe that Santa Trump is not really an evil elf with a "Yuge" ego problem. Not too mention that he would be on the real Santa Claus's naughty list for serial lying.

Santa Trump, supported by the alt-right, promised his minions, during the campaign, that a white Christmas was on it's way.

He wasn't kidding. Take a look at all of his appointments thus far. Nearly all white men. There's a few token white women thrown in for good measure.

Operating out of Trump Tower, his own North Pole in Manhattan, Santa Trump has lot's of surprises for everyone. 

Right now he's handing out appointments like candy canes to what he feels are good little boys and girls who speak Trumpinese.

Why is this an issue at all?

In part because the past few years have seen the issue of "Merry Christmas" as an effective point of leverage in political culture wars.

That's the only reason Santa Trump adopted the issue: he recognized its resonance, particularly among religious conservatives.

It was a vote-getter from a segment of society that felt political correctness was running amok. It was attacking the greeting "Merry Christmas" and forcing them (somehow) to accept other ways to greet the holidays. 

With the help of white evangelic voters, Santa Trump was able to make Christmas "great" again. Coupled with the alt-right, you have to admit, he did bring the white back into Christmas.

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