Thursday, December 22, 2016

In the Spirit of Christmas Let's Create 'Little Miracles'

Good Day World!

Are you having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year?

How about something that will kindle your inner fire and help you go "Ho, Ho, Ho" this holiday?

The answer; spread cheer and create "little miracles" for others in need of one. It's easier than you think.

Quick example:

My wife and I went out to dinner recently and noticed a young couple in a nearby table. They had three boys, and mom was pregnant with number four.

The parents looked so young to us and we couldn't help remembering when we were that young and the financial struggles we had to contend with.

When we were ready to leave we asked the waiter for their bill. After paying it, we both had fun imaging their surprise when they were ready to leave.

A little miracle. Did Santa's elves pay for their meal?

It doesn't have to take money to create little miracles. Just imagination and observation.

I was in Costco the other day and when I came out to the parking lot and saw an older gentleman who looked confused. I stopped to ask him if I could help.

He'd been looking for his car and couldn't find it. It was 24 degrees out and he looked weary, clutching a bag of dog food to his chest. 

I asked him what color and model it was and helped him look. As we walked around the parking lot we had a good conversation.

He seemed to perk up as we looked and chatted. By the time we found his car he was smiling. He thanked me for helping and appeared less weary.

A little miracle. Help when it's least expected.

Spreading good cheer around this time of year should be everyones goal. 

It's a time of peace and giving. The rewards for spreading Christmas cheer will last you throughout the next year!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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