Sunday, October 2, 2016

Who Knew Frankentrump Would Turn On His Creators? A Film Buff?

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It took decades for the Republican party to piece together their creation, Frankentrump.

Last year the GOP happily declared "It's alive! It's alive!" when Frankentrump walked over his competition in the primaries.

In an interesting case of life reflecting art, we see the Frankenstein monster and Donald Trump merge - created by conflicting forces - and become the embodiment of the grand spectacle the GOP hoped to stage in order to gain back the presidency.

Sociologists say many Americans are feeling they have little control over their lives.

Republicans have taken this sense of helplessness, and anger, and have used it for the last thirty years to tell their supporters that they should be angry about blacks, immigrants, big government, Muslims, terrorists, and a host of other issues that have nothing to do with the problems they face daily.

Frankentrump emerged fullblown from this steady indoctrination, becoming their leader. But the established Republicans that created him found that they couldn't control him.

The GOP found out, too late, that Frankentrump was never really their monster.

He was influenced by them, but belonged to the legions of angry under-educated white men waiting to create chaos.   

He knew interesting is preferable to informed or reasonable or lucid. That's why he goes off-script so often and riffs on stage like a stand-up comedian.

That approach didn't work out well however. That was evident during the First Presidential Debate with Hillary Clinton (9/26):

Analysis: Hillary Clinton's Studies for Debate With Donald Trump Pay Off

Meanwhile establishment Republicans are hunkered down in their offices waiting. In shock. Waiting, and hoping that Frankentrump doesn't complete his mission of destruction if elected.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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