Monday, October 3, 2016

Alarming Buzz On Bees: 7 Types Now On Endangered Species List

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Albert Einstein once prophetically remarked, "Mankind will not survive the honeybees' disappearance for more than four years."

Today, humans worldwide are facing the loss of the global honeybee population.

U.S. Adds 7 Types of Bees To The Endangered Species List For The First Time

The consequence of a dying bee population impacts us all at the highest levels on the food chain, posing an enormously grave threat to human survival.

Death and Extinction of the Bees

Think about it. There is no other single animal species that plays a more significant role in producing the fruits and vegetables that we all take for granted.

Here's Why All The Bees Are Dying

You don't see the subject of the rapidly declining worldwide bee population on the mainstream media very often. Perhaps some people don't want us to be concerned. I'm not sure.

It seems to me however, that the disappearing bee community should be a concern that we're ALL TALKING About.

What can you do to help?

Why We Need To Save The Bees + 10 Things You Can Do To Help

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