Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Divided We Fall: Will America Survive This Election?

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America had a pretty good run for 240 years, but the noble experiment is exploding as we watch in horror.

The wealthy are moving to consolidate their power as a billionaire runs for the presidency. Visions of no taxes for the 'job-makers" are dancing in their greedy little heads.

Partisan politics have not only polarized our government into bowing before brands - no matter how corrupt and loathsome - but they have lost any veneer of civility in the election process.

The bar has been set so low by followers of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, that it's no longer safe to let your children follow the toxic campaign.

And it couldn't come in a worst time in our history.

Racial unrest has become a front-and-center topic. Immigration is a subject bitterly fought over. More have-nots are giving up hope for a better life.

Slithering to the top of the toxic brew in this election is the alt-right support for Donald Trump. Neo Nazi's and klansmen are crawling out from beneath their rocks and basking in the air of legitimacy Trump is giving them.

Read The Alt-Right Will Rise And Fall With Donald Trump

Will America survive this election? 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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