Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rain Redemption: Sharing Rainy Day Stories

“The person who deserves most pity is a lonesome one on a rainy day who doesn't know how to read.” - Benjamin Franklin
                                       Good Day World!

I love rainy days...again.

As a kid I loved rainy days. Walking and playing in the rain was a liberating experience. It brought out a wildness in me as I reveled in the intensity of a hard rainfall.

But something happened when I was 19 years-old in Vietnam while suffering through the Monsoon season. Rain was no longer my friend.

If anything, my enemies benefited from the rain having lived in it all their life. The North Vietnamese liked to fight in the rain, while we hunched down in panchos and miserably returned fire at seeming ghosts.

Fifty years later and I'm doing okay with rain. But here's the thing, I like LOOKING at the rain from inside a nice warm house and drinking green tea.

I love reading books on a rainy day. I love writing on a rainy day. And I especially like it when it rains, and I don't have to wash my car!

Here's a fun short story by an independent blogger - The Master of Disaster - for a rainy day.

Here's a cover story from The New Yorker titled:
Barry Blitt's "Donald's Rainy Day"

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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