Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Imagine How Confusing Our Civilization Would Be To An Extraterrestrial Being?

Good Day World!

I'm going to assume that if an extraterrestrial being landed on earth it's smarter than us by light years.

I'm also going to assume that this alien from outer space did not come to destroy the planet.

So here's how it goes:

Rocketman (an alien with olive colored skin) shows up in South Florida and get's helplessly lost in the middle of a Donald Trump rally.

As he wanders around Rocketman can feel tension and anger and senses barely restrained violence.

His beltbuckle language-translator/robot explains to Rocketman that he's at a political rally. But the buckle bot is strangely quiet when it comes to deciphering the conversations being recorded.

As Rocketman finally finds a way out of the milling crowd he's suddenly confronted by several Trump supporters wearing t-shirts with Confederate battle flags on them.

The three white men eye his complexion and demand to know if he's an illegal immigrant?

Per the buckle bot's advise, Rocketman tells them he's a visitor from another planet. This seems to really piss the trio off!

Confused and taking a step backwards, Rocketman recoils from their anger. What did he say that was so wrong?

"Damn smart ass Nigger!" one screams.

"Damn raghead Muslim!" another growls.

"Damn Democrat!" the third one accused, spraying saliva like a rabid dog. 

Not wanting to cause an inter-world war Rocketman took off running, his spindly olive hued leg's pumping like well-oiled pistons.

His pot-bellied pursuers soon gave up the chase. 

Afterwards, it was time to write a recommendation for the Universial Visitor's Guide (he was a regular contributor because he loved planet-hopping).

Don't bother visiting EARTH.

Out of a rating from's a minus 3!!!

The inhabitants are so uncivilized they're afraid of visitors!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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