Friday, July 1, 2016

What the Bird Heard: Grey Parrot a Reliable Witness?

Good Day World!

Got an unusual witness story for you today.

Michigan police think they know who killed Martin Duram, but they only have one possible witness...

A bird. An African grey parrot named "Bud.

(Photo- Family members believe "Bud" may have witnessed the fatal shooting of his owner. WOODTV)

But does a bird in hand mean a conviction?

The suspect is Duram's wife Glenna, who police say staged a failed double-suicide to hide the fact she killed him.

One thing about Bud; he really likes to talk and loves to repeat everything he hears. Martin's family has a video showing Bud saying, "Don't f***king shoot!" 

The prosecutor is mulling over the idea of putting Bud on the witness stand. I'm not absolutely sure, but I doubt if there's been another murder trial in U.S. history that had a bird for a star witness.

I could be wrong. If you know of a trial that went to the birds, so to speak, please share here.

Meanwhile, let's all stay tuned to see if this feathered snitch puts away a murderer.

Time for me to walk on down the road....

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