Sunday, June 26, 2016

What An Immigrant Story! Communist's Daughter May Be America's Next First Lady!

Good Day World!

The world gets more confusing every day.

On FaceBook recently:

Non-Supporter: "Trump is a racist."

Supporter: "Better a racist than a Communist!"

(Photo-Melanie Trump:America's next First Lady?)

Trump supporters don't mind that he's a racist, but they can't handle the idea of someone being a Communist, which they constantly accuse Hillary Clinton of being.

So how do these same supporters serenely accept the fact that Donald Trump's wife is the daughter of a Communist and an immigrant from Slovenia?

Trump's father-in-law - Viktor Knavs - is a registered member of the Communist party. 

Melenia was quoted as saying she wanted to be a traditional first lady. She has also said she's a woman of the 21st century and will do things her way.

I hope that doesn't mean more photoshoots like the one above in the red thong. The pistol and Trumpie's plane don't exactly scream traditional.

I can't imagine the religious right in America will be thrilled with the fact that Melenia was raised as an atheist, and claims no religion.

Some immigrants are okay by the Donald, as long as he gets to vet them and they're rich. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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